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Attutudes, Beliefs and Choices

Alexandra Delis-Abrams, refers to herself as a “stretch” rather than a “shrink” and has had an established counseling practice in Sun Valley, Idaho, for over 20 years. Prior to that, her work in California included classroom visitation, workshops, public speaking and being of service since 1989, when she earned a degree in Transpersonal Psychology. She utilizes a revolutionary protocol, such as Neuro-Physical Reprogramming. As The Attitude Doc she assists those whose passion is reaching for an improved version of themselves, exploring the blueprint of their lives, and implementing change for personal and spiritual growth.

Drawing on her counseling experiences and her dissertation entitled, “Laughter, Enthusiasm and Joy as Healing Modalities”, Alexandra currently offers time together with clients through teaching, phone or personal sessions, still demonstrating and utilizing her natural warmth, intuitive wisdom and an open, caring heart. She radiates a positive and fun, sincere and inspiring message through the words in her reference book, Attitudes, Beliefs and Choices.

As a pioneer, she had an idea to correlate feelings with the alphabet, which morphed into the ABC Feelings Coloring book in 1989. Marketing a book about feelings was an uphill challenge as she heard a lot of “don’t call us, we’ll call you” type of responses. But she continued to develop her product line, with an English/Spanish color poster, dictionary/journal for teens, and The Feeling Storybook to name a few of her creations. Her most recent and the one she holds as the pinnacle product of her legacy is Endangered Species Have Feelings Too.

As a teacher, a highlight was traveling to Kathmandu, Nepal teaching principles of Emotional Intelligence at the University, as well as Laughter Yoga, which her students thrived upon.

As an animal activist, she takes action as a voice for those who have none, whether it’s for the gray wolves, orca whales or pangolins, her passion stirs her commitment to help them maintain their survival on the planet.

As a current writer, Alexandra expresses herself through her blog, The Cosmic Connection, sharing thought-provoking ideas from emotional intelligence to grief and loss, from exploring attitude and belief systems to relying on the outer world for happiness. She is also an Advanced Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher and is available for coaching, conversation and connection.

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