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A Long Time Coming - My 171-mile Camino Journey in Portugal

It all began as a reflection on my 80th birthday, following my trek along the Camino in Spain back in 2015. There was a stirring within me to embark on another journey, this time in Portugal, along the 171-mile coastal Camino route. However, life had other plans in store. And, “Life Always Wins.” Now, at 84 years on this planet, it seems the time has come to pursue this adventure.

I’m reaching out to those who have stayed connected with me and have shown care over the years. You understand my deep passion for elephants. The proceeds from my last Camino supported the Sheldrick Wildlife orphanage in Kenya, raising approximately $2500. Once you’ve seen this touching rescue video, I trust you’ll share even a fraction of the admiration I hold for these remarkable creatures. The torch is now passed to you.

Rescue of Orphaned Kilulu

Moreover, this journey holds an additional significance. Julianna, one of our granddaughters, and I will spend nine days together in Greece, immersing her in the birthplace of democracy. As a History major, who has just completed her first year at MSU with just under a 4.0 GPA, this experience will undoubtedly be a profound and memorable one for her.

If you would like to make a donation in memory of Gene, my sweet and loving, eternal life-partner, please follow this LINK. Kindly, please add Gene Abrams (“in memory of”) and my email ( to the notes on the bottom of the form.


Nasmate (“I bow to you”),

Love and Light,


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