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Follow-up story about "Happy"


The following is a follow-up to the story about “Happy” – what a joke, she is far from “happy”. thanks for reaching into your empathetic nature and do what you can to help her. this organization is one way.

do you know any celebrities that have a passion for animals? any creative idea is considered. thank you.



When elephants have the right to liberty, it will no longer be possible to deprive them of their freedom in zoos or anywhere else. The NhRP’s court case to free Happy made legal history for all animals and will help light the way to elephant freedom worldwide. Now, continuing our fight to free the Bronx Zoo elephants, we’re working to pass the first bill in the US that would ban elephant captivity, including in zoos.

The movement for nonhuman animal rights is steadily growing, and change is already underway. Your financial support for the Nonhuman Rights Project–the only organization in the US dedicated solely to securing legal rights for nonhuman animals–at this crucial juncture will help create a different future for Happy, Patty, and all elephants. And that is just the beginning.

With gratitude,

The NhRP

P.S. We’re sending emails with ways you can support the movement for elephant freedom every day until World Elephant Day on August 12th. If you’d like to opt out of emails until then, just click here. Don’t worry—you’ll still receive important updates about the NhRP’s work in the future.


The NhRP is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation (Tax ID #: 04-3289466). It is solely through your donations that we can continue to work for the recognition and protection of fundamental rights for nonhuman animals.

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