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Save Animals Facing Extinction

From one of the plethora of emails I receive from environmental organizations, i just learned from Save Animals Facing Extinction the following alarming facts:

“A new study found that among 71,000 animal species studied, nearly half are “sliding toward extinction,” ​​while only 3% are increasing – this net biodiversity loss signals a looming “sixth extinction.”

Scientists believe that we are losing species at a faster rate today than in any of our planet’s past mass extinction events. If we don’t work together to reverse biodiversity loss, our ecosystems will collapse.”

And yet projects like The Willow project in Alaska get approved. From Defender of Wildlife: “This oil and gas extraction project threatens to unleash 260 million metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere over the next 30 years. “ Million of individuals opposed this project yet, once again the oil industry comes out smelling like a rose. Decisions are being made based on ignorance and a denial of the climate crisis.

Defenders, as well as others, are going to court to fight this disastrous project and calling on the Biden Administration to shut down this development before irreversible damage can be done. Make your voice heard – You make a difference. TAKE ACTION …add your name to the petition initiated by Defenders of Wildlife, call the White House and demand reversal of this decision, share these facts with others by sending a mass email to others declaring your passion about preferring to keep the habitat for the polar bears and caribou. CARE…

The Willow Project

FYI: polar bears spend over half their time hunting. Ice floe is a must for these magnificent beings. They need it to survive. I’ve written about their marathon swim, looking for sea ice, of 426 miles, in my book, Endangered Species Have Feelings Too.

Nicole Whittington-Evans, Defenders of Wildlife’s Alaska Program Director. “We remain committed to protecting the western Arctic and look forward to the court’s full consideration of the Willow project, including its impacts to polar bears threatened with extinction and massive carbon emissions that will worsen the climate crisis for decades to come.”

Then reread details about the statistic at the beginning of this blog. Our endangered species need your help. They’re losing the battle. Educate yourself–alert the younger people in your life–advise your teachers–speak at your local library. You make a difference! TAKE ACTION …. PLEASE.

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