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My granddaughter attempted to apply for a job at a bakery/restaurant, and the manager was so incredibly rude, disrespectful, and unkind that my granddaughter made a decision to move back to the town where she had just moved from. Things were not flowing for her in her new digs, and the behavior of the manager made a difference.

Was it funny moments for her to make a big difference? If we were to stop and think maybe not even think but just intuitively be mindful of our behavior and our response. I just be mindful!!!! Take another look—make another choice—it might have a different response. It reminded me of a time when the same granddaughter was taking violin lessons and I don’t recall the details of it because it was many years ago, but she had an opportunity to learn to play the viola, and again it was the attitude and circumstance that prevented her from learning to pursue an interest in a new instrument. The adult behind the action turned her off completely and she’s never picked up an instrument since. Interesting, a similar case with the same person which also makes me wonder what our way to creating in our lives, struggle or ease?

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